Coaching & Leadership Development




Leadership Development Retreats for School Leaders

Re-energise, reconnect with your values and focus on your strategy for securing outstanding results for you and your school ahead of the new School year.


These retreats offer a fantastic opportunity for head teachers and school leaders to grow and reconnect with their original vision, passion and purpose.

These relaxing getaways involve journaling, discussion and walking and a series of structured discussions. The two day programmes are designed to help you:

– Develop relationships with, share support & best practice with like-minded school leaders

– Deepen your connection with your original vision, passion and purpose

– Reflect on your experiences & how these can be used for growthMillEarlSoham (2)

– Re-charge your batteries and re-fuel your passion



Suffolk – 20-21 September 2018

Bristol – 4-5 October 2018

Places are extremely limited and due to popular demand, places are going fast – so book now to avoid disappointment.

Headteacher Nuture Meals

Moving School Leaders beyond the professional and into the wider territory of personal values, motivations and sense of vocation in a collegial setting.

Integrity Coaching will be hosting a series of Headteacher Nurture Meals, that will take place once a term. The Meals will aim to help Head teachers to move beyond the professional and into the wider territory of personal values, motivations and sense of vocation.

Through deep questioning and reflection, the meals aim to help Head Teachers to integrate exactly who they are into what they do.

The meals will also give Heads an opportunity to share their rich experience and resource with like-minded Head teachers in a supportive, relaxed and collaborative environment. We will use all of the time we have to discuss questions, prepared material and experiences to generate a collective thoughtful approach to leading in education.

Each session will be facilitated and a broad structure will be offered.


Whose it for?

– Those looking to further their personal and professional development

– Those wanting to build supportive networks with colleagues outside of traditional school networks

When: Once a term, The next meal will take place in the Summer Term.

Where: Private dining room @ The Prince Regent, 71 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 5JN


In the cosy private dining area of this Central London Location, you can:

– Enjoy good food (and perhaps share a few bottles of wine)

– Relax with like-minded colleagues

– Engage in stimulating conversation


You will come away from the seminars with:

– A clearer sense of perspective and how to respond in a way that is aligned with your deepest values to the changing educational landscape

– The knowledge that you are not alone and that there are colleagues with whom you can also reclaim and establish educational wisdom

– Greater confidence in your ability to lead your school in alignment with your core vision and values


4 Day Coaching Programme to Maximise Staff Performance

Equipping school leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply a range of coaching skills to help improve the performance of those they lead and manage

Approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management, our 4 Day Coaching Programme aims to provide senior school leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to utilise coaching as part of their normal work role.

Its aim is to provide a solid foundation for those school leaders who want to fully understand how to create a coaching culture in their school.


Our four-day coaching programme that will equip you with the skills for:

– Managing difficult conversations

– Understanding how to get the best out of individuals with challenging behaviours

– Understanding yourself better and knowing how to draw upon your strengths to get the best out of others

– Facilitating better teamwork and minimising team conflict

– Developing your relationship management skills by helping you understand how to identify and respond to different personality types

Where: The St Marylebone Girls School, Westminster

When: November 2018 – March 2019

(exact dates TBC)



Once you have completed the programme, you will come away with:

– A solid understanding of coaching and how it can be used to strengthen your ability to lead and manage others

– The coaching skills required for managing a range of personality types

– The confidence to use your coaching skills to support school improvement initiatives


“Education for the Soul” Conference 2018

Aligning School Improvement with What Matters Most

With a selection of the best experts on leadership and well-being, the conference will explore new and sustainable ways of leading that will enable School Leaders to overcome the stresses of their roles and maintain their ability to lead and inspire others.


It will be a conference for both the hearts and minds of our school leaders. A conference aimed at exploring and understanding how the development needs of our school leaders can be met to ensure that all in our schools flourish.


Together, we will begin to tackle some of the biggest questions affecting education and the experience of school leaders today. We will delve deep into the realities of school leadership. We will explore the true emotional and psychological cost of leadership and get to the heart of what really matters most in education and how school leaders learn to thrive.

Key Themes


– Authentic leadership: What it means for school leaders to lead authentically

– Well-being: Taking care of ourselves and others

– Resilience: Maintaining the courage to lead

– The heart of school improvement: Improving schools from the inside-out

– Values-based education: Identifying what matters most

Date: TBC

Venue: TBC

Why Attend?


This conference is for senior leaders in education who want to know how to raise and maintain high standards of education in ways which:

– Sustain and support the well-being of themselves and all members of their school community

– Align with their sense of vocation, purpose, passion and core reasons for being a school leader

– Are generative and enable all members of the school community to flourish

– Foster emotional intelligence and assist staff and pupils to develop deep levels of emotional resilience and courage

– Support the human spirit and enable all to grow in relationship with others and the communities of which they are a part