Webinar: How to Lead without Sacrificing Your Well-being

School Leadership Webinars

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For many, School leadership has become a 60+ hour job and one that can consume their whole life, at the expense of their personal lives and their well-being.

It is an issue that has become more and more pressing in our profession, with growing numbers of School leaders struggling with burn-out or other stress-related issues.

So more than ever, our School Leaders need to take ownership of their well-being and adopt new, generative and sustainable ways of leading which support them in their role and help them to transform their daily reality.

That’s why I hosted this webinar on “How to Lead without Sacrificing your Well-being” designed to consider how leaders can take back control of their well-being and more successfully manage and cope with the excessive stressors and demands of their jobs.

To do this, I discussed the changes that leaders can make in their approaches to the role and how they manage themselves.

I explored the positive impact that School Leaders can have on their own school culture in developing a more balanced and holistic approach to managing teacher workload.

  • What happens when our emotional and psychological needs aren’t met
  • The cost of continual sacrifice and high stress levels
  • The importance of renewal in sustaining one’s leadership
  • Why a focus on well-being is crucial in the context of school improvement